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Monday, September 19, 2011

So much to say

So the past two posts were written on my comp a few days ago. This is written in real time.

We split or PC into two different training centers. Santa Eulalia and Choclacayo. I am in the St. Eulalia group. We drove for maybe 5 minutes and arrived at the tropical training center. its is rediculously amazing. The person who built it had intended to have a dance hall\hotel with beautiful gardens. The PC is helping him achieve this reality by renting it out.

We drove to the training center and got into a big circle. Then, our host families arrived and we were handed out in a price is right manor. Would Amelia come on down! Then everyone would clap as you stooped low to hug your host parents. I have a host mother and a sister (probably 30 years old or so). They had 6 PC volunteers before me, but they were all girls! So my room had pink curtains and sheets, which they insisted on changing right away.

My house is a 10 minute walk away from the training center, which is very lucky for me because a lot of people have to take a bus in. Santa Eulalia is very pretty: there is a small town square with a glass building inthe center filled with computers. They are free to use by all! it is right by the church and police station.

My house is down the road, directly behind a small cement futball "field". Often people over shoot and the ball lands on our metal roof making a loud BOOM! This causes the two small dogs outside of my room to bark up a storm. But it keeps things exciting in my house!
There are about 10 volunteers in my town, all of us within walking distance of eachother. My host moms nephew often stops by the house (my age) and i try to talk in my broken spanish. I actually can understand a good amount of what my mom says, she is great. She keeps saying, let me know if you are hungry, what you like, dont worry about hurting my feelings. She is very straight forward and kind. Pictures to come.

On our first day, it just so happened to be a festival in our church. They carried the cross through the city to the priests compound, where we continued to have a festival. Many very loud fireworks were fired all day. A horn and drum band followed the cross, and after dinner and drinks, there was dancing (and alpacas too!).

It was a lot happening but really great to be a part of. There is less staring that I thought there would be, but i think our town is used to PC volunteers at this point, and it is quite a small town. I am right next to a fast moving river, but the water is pretty low as of now.

I am tired, and have class tomorrow, but once I get faster internet, I will upload some videos!

Hasta luego!

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