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Monday, September 19, 2011

So where to start?

Staging: its kinda like going to a family reunion for the first time. You all have something in common, but are very different as well. You hear a bit of yourself in everyones stories, anxieties and aspirations.

We had many icebreakers and discussions about what PC expects from us as ambassadors of the US culture. In one game, we all had to organize ourselves by the number and color of stickers on our backs, without talking. While everyone was gesturing and pointing at colors, I soon discovered that I did not belong anyqhere, I had more stickers than everyone else. I felt isolated and confused about what I should be doing. I turned out to be the guinea pig of the group (which can be dangerous in Peru!)
At times, there will be a Peace Corps trainee who feels like they do not fit in with anyone. We are supposed to help out our fellow trainees so that everyone feels welcomed. Just in the past day, I feel that I have made some very great friendships. It was like joining the Evans Scholarship, or Architecture School: I will be with these people through thick and thin, and will love every minute of it.

Some of my "lasts"

Last american dinner- 5 guys and fries: little bacon cheeseburger, mayo, grilled onions, green peppers, tomato, bbq sauce, with cajun seasoned fries. HECK YES!
Last alcoholic drink, Miller light
last late night food- Pizza but of course
Last coffee- cafe americano, starbucks

I am blessed to have my family and friends support my dicision to serve. I love you all and look forward to sharing my expereince with you!

Written on the plane to Lima

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