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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Video 1: Procession of the cross- when the spaniards converted the Incans to catholisism, they put crosses onto the mountains that the Incans worshiped. So now there is a tradition of carrying crosses from town to town. This video is from the first night I got to my host family

Video2- This is the party we had with the church after the procession, with free food, free drinks and free dancing. My mom is part of the church group and so she helped prepared everything. This is the convent, where they have pet llamas.

Video3-Hora Loca. So last saturday I went to a 2year olds birthday party. It was very intense, with clowns, a walking mini mouse and all sorts of treats. Then at one point, it became hora loca (crazy hour), where the clown sprayed us with silly string and handed out whistles and balloons and crazy colored hats and snake ties and all sorts of stuff. it was probably the most intense hour of my life. later that night, another volunteers host grandfather was turning 70.

He had a 5 horn band, a harp, a violin and beer for all. About 20 volunteers showed up, as well as his family. It was in a small barrio higher up in the mountains, and the view at night was stunning. After about two hours of dancing around to the saxiphones, all of a sudden a whistle blew....and guess what? This 70 year old man had the exact same hora loca, dancing clowns and all. And when I say dancing clowns, I mean they were grinding, hardcore.

Sorry the internet is supper slow and I cant upload all the videos now. I will soon though

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  1. Sounds pretty wild man. haha. Maybe I'll have to plan an hora loca at my next birthday.