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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Solo fotos, nada mas

The futbol field outside of my house has soccer ever sunday. we sit on the roof, with great view

They play until sunset

Last saturday, the water sanitation program visited Ayas, a town of 85 families about an hour and a half away from my host community. we hiked for about 2 hours to inspect their gravity fed water system. The view along the way was stunning.

Visit of Ayas

Town of 85, at 2500 meters above sea level

A short rest, about an hour hike above the town.


The town of Santa Eulalia has a festival every year called Pachamanca. It even has the guiness book world record for the largest amount of Pachamanca. It has three types of meat, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, all slowcooked in the ground with hot rocks. Very very filling and delicious

This is my host mother. I am the 7th volunteer she has hosted, but all the others have been girls. She is very understanding and hospitable. She makes cakes for special occasions, but mainly attends to the household. She is very motherly towards me, and always reminds me not to drink cold things at night, because it will give me a cold.

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